Spending money to lower brand value, say it isn’t so!

I have always been amazed at companies that commit their resources to SEO/SEM only to generate more users that leave a web site frustrated because of the company not also committing the appropriate ratio of resources for usability. It’s kind of crazy if you think about it. Why would you send users to a web site that lowers the amount of brand value/integrity perceived prior to visiting the web site? Yet without usability analysis of a product, that in fact might be exactly what the dollars spent on SEO/SEM are doing. Can you imagine that, spending money to proactively lower brand value. It’s crazy.


From my perspective it is our job as analysts to educate companies to the possibilities of a solid, methodical, researched-based development process that has as its goal, better allocation of system resources, increased user-conversion and improved brand value. I wonder how many companies out there don’t know what is possible? Or how prevalent the perception is that usability is a non-quantifiable, shot-in-the-dark process where you allow users to get involved in the decision making process in ways that they should not be?


One of the comments that I especially agreed with from the “User-Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design” course was; usability is about gathering accurate user information to help make informed decisions for the development team and stakeholders. If we can get that message out there, maybe firms will start lining up at our doorstep. Maybe 😉


To me, my role as an analyst is to provide accurate user information to stakeholders for establishing project requirements that in turn make better use of development resources that result in generating increased brand value and profitability. Maybe I should make some bumper stickers? Maybe 😉


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