Time to do more leading than following


I’ve been a certified Usability Analyst for 8 years. The first 3 years were amazing, designing user interfaces, testing them, iterating myself down the path of solving the challenges of presenting information and action for others to consume.

Iteration is the journey of ‘try-change-keep’. I believe in it, and, I also get bored with it at times. I have always wanted to get to ‘keep’ faster, to get to ‘keep’ with more confidence, to get to ‘keep’ more strategically. Keep for me is about influencing customer behavior. I have a lot of years building usable interfaces that are satisfying to users. I want the next step in the journey.

I’m good at keeping the sheep happy.

Happy is fine, but I want to do more influencing. I’ve know for 3 years that getting my CXA, User Experience Analyst certification was my road to increase my ability to influence/lead. I’m half way through my training and my mind has exploded. Exploded in the area of new information. This really is not usability, it is strategic approaches to influencing behavior. More specifically the role that persuasion, emotion and trust play in compelling user thinking and therefore, behavior.

On the other side of this certification I’ll share some of what I’ve learned. If you want to hear everything you have two options. Take the training yourself or hire me as your next UX Researcher. Both options are winners, the latter has the added advantage of my sparkling personality.

Are you interested in leading your users towards behavior that makes a difference with your bottom-line?

I am looking forward to taking my certification test latter this month. I hope you are looking forward to cashing in on all my hard work.


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