Usability, the gift that keeps on giving.

I normally present usability to stakeholders this way. Any improvement we make to usability enhances the user experience and depending on the modification could have a direct effect on improved conversion percentages. The value of these modifications to the web site or application continues to enhance or increase conversion the entire life cycle of the product. While it might be a challenge to quantify the ROI in some instances (i.e., increased user satisfaction), it is still a sound business model. Not all usability work can be measured quantitatively, but that doesn’t mean that increased user satisfaction (qualitative) doesn’t deliver a positive ROI; it just means it’s difficult to get metrics for. So maybe we could say that usability is the “gift that keeps on giving”. If we can say that, then would it be reasonable to also say that poorly designed products are the ones that “keep on taking”? “Taking” being used in the sense of from a company’s bottom line profits.


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