Speak highly of your product or users just might believe you

Quick Problem: Inconsistency of categories

Web Site: http://www.purepro.net/products.htm

Quick Description: On this product page they list four categories of systems:

  • Economy RO Systems
  • Typical RO Systems
  • Pump RO Systems
  • Countertop RO Systems

Quick Explanation: I understand Economy, Pump and Countertop. But how does Typical relate to Economy? If I as a user have my “mental model” set-up by the first category being Economy then if the next category is related but different give the user a category name that is also related. This is an example of not paying attention to your ontology and taxonomy. And then the second problem, labeling a category “typical”? What does the word typical do for brand value? Also, what would encourage me to pay more for something that is typical?

Quick Suggestion: I think that a positive or at least neutral category name could be “standard” or “basic”. At the very least, drop the value associated with typical, standard, basic and adopt a naming convention of EC series, RO series. Better yet, don’t leave money on the table and hire a usability analyst.

Quick Solution: Hire Art Zippel, 1.714.357.7578


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