Do you know the way to San Jose or the newsletter sign-up form?

So your name is Sammy San Clemente and it’s time to visit your step-sister Sandra San Jose in the brand new house she just moved into? Well you think you know the way to San Jose, I mean how hard could it be to drive north to San Jose?

After all, you have at least four options and then combinations between those four.

Option number one, you follow the signs and never look back. There’s only one place you need to go and all the freeways have signs. So you gas up the disco bus and away you go taking care to observe all the signs in front of you. What’s behind you is just that what’s behind you.*

Option number two, you are profoundly aware that your uncle Carl from California worked for Caltrans in the 70’s and Carl was creative, very creative. With this option you are going to want to pay attention to all the signs both in front and to the each side of you. Why, because you might need to pick several routes to ultimately arrive at your step-sister Sandra San Jose’s brand new house. In fact, you have decided to take a map with you so you have access to all of your options. I mean after all, Carl was very, very creative.**

Option number three, your grand mother Debbie Denver has just finished listening to every record Ray Charles ever recorded. For anyone else their experience with the wonderful music of Ray Charles would just be a wonderful experience. But for your grandmother Debbie Denver that is just not enough, you see Debbie is a method actor and a very controlling one at that. She insists that you take her entire Ray Charles CD collection with you on your trip and drive blind-folded just to enhance your experience of driving to San Jose. Because driving in this manner could have grave consequences if you error in your driving you follow the suggestion of your next door neighbor Harry Highway Patrol to walk you through every step of the way.***

Option number four, you grab your GPS device and enter in the exact number of every freeway needed to arrive at exactly at the door step of your step-sister, Sandra San Jose’s new house. In fact, you are able to enter in the GPS the exact height on the front porch to guarantee your hand is positioned just in front of the door bell.****

Do you know the way to San Jose? I would say yes you do and that it is sure to be an error free task for your quite entertaining scenario.

* Hierarchical

** Persistent

*** Sequential

**** Search


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